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Moon Linear Switches

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Introducing our first switch - the Moon switch! Based on the moon, these are super smooth stock that require no additional mods. We know how annoying it is to lube switches and how much time it takes. Thats why these switches come hand lubed from factory and don't need any switch films. 

Sound tests:

Captain Sterling

Karan Chauhan

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Each pack includes 35 switches

Full nylon housing
63.5g operating force (15mm medium spring)
Travel 2.0mm Pre / 3.5 mm Post
PCB mount 5pin
POM stem (13.6mm long pole stem)
MX style
Hand lubed from factory (205g0 + 105 mix)

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Customer Reviews

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Honestly Incredible

I've tried a somewhat large selection of switches, and before buying these I was using epsilon switches stock. I thought epsilons were pretty good without modifications but when these came in I was blown away. These have quickly become my favorite switch to use in my Mode Sixtyfive, the sound is perfect in my opinion and the switches are very smooth. The lubing was pretty consistent in my order too, there was only a couple with a small amount spring crunch (probably from over-lubing the springs) but the rest were perfect. You cannot even differentiate the switches with the spring issue from the good ones when they are in a keyboard.

Best stock switch

I have tried some other "prelubed" switches and I can confidently say that these are the best in the market right now at any price. Highly recommend these if you enjoy long pole linears! My batch came out great and I have no complaints.

Very good but quite in consistent

I got these about 15 days ago and over that times they have been very good. Except for about 3 or 4 switches which I had to remove from my keyboard and replace because they were noticeably crunchy and made me overlube my backspace stabilizer bc of rattle but it ended up being the switch. The others are really nicely lubed and they sound great in my Tiger 80. 100% would recommend just make sure you get a few extra in case.

Marc Behar
These are the best stock linear switches I've tested

Only just got them, but first impressions are really good
The stock lubing seems really well and consistent from switch to switch

Pretty good, minimal additional work necessary.

These are very consistently lubed from the factory for the most part but I had 5 that were underlubed; not a big deal, that's really easy to fix. I ordered 105 switches and had 3 with very noticeable crunch but that's not a terrible rate given the number I ordered. Definitely would order again.