Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions you agree to when placing an order at Agile Peripherals Inc.

Please read these terms carefully before placing an order. Don't hesitate to reach out if you find a mistake in these terms. info@agileshop.co

1. How to contact us

1.1 Contact info: You can contact us by filling in the form at: https://agileshop.co/pages/contact

1.2 How we may contact you. At any time if we need to contact you, we will reach out by email provided during checkout.

2. Orders

2.1 How you can place an order. Orders are placed solely through our website at agilecables.com. Once you have added the product to the cart you will go through the Shopify checkout process. You will need to enter details such as delivery and billing information. Make sure to carefully check your order before clicking 'place order' button. If you input the incorrect address we will not be held accountable if the order is lost. We are not liable to refund/replace this order.

2.2 Acceptance of order. After you place an order, there will be a Shopify sent email confirming all the details and us confirming that we have received your order. Once your order is ready ship and dispatched you will receive our official acceptance. You will also receive an order number via email confirmation in case you need to contact us about your order.

2.3 Restriction. To place an order on our website, you must be at least18 years old and be authorized to use the payment method. You must have the permission of legal guardian if you are under 18 you will be held responsible if an order is placed without consent of a legal guardian.

3. Cancellation from us

3.1 Cannot fulfil your order. In the event where product is out of stock, and customer information is incorrect, we will contact you by email that we cannot fulfil this order and will be offered full refund including shipping + tax.

3.2 Suspicious activity. We may at any time may cancel an order and blacklist you if there is suspicious and fraudulent activity. If you think it was a mistake by us please contact us at: support@agileshop.co and include your order number.

4. Our products

4.1 What we provide. We provide keyboard accessories and keyboards.

5. Delivery

5.1 Delivery destination. All orders placed will ship from either USA or Canada. 

5.2 Delivery costs. Delivery cost will be shown at checkout.

5.3 Additional charges. Any customs duties or additional charges which apply to your order will be your responsibility and are not included in the delivery costs.

5.4 When you will receive your product. You will receive the product based on the delivery method selected during checkout. (NOTE: Due to Covid-19 all couriers have suspended guarantees on delivery).

5.5 We take no responsibility for delays outside our control. If delivery is delayed by an outside factory out of our control (eg. courier delays, logistics, bad weather, covid-19) we will let you know as soon as possible. If there is a risk of substantial delay, you can contact us: info@agileshop.co and we will refund you for all the products + shipping and taxes.

5.6 If you not there to accept the delivery. Your courier will notify you when a delivery attempt is made. If you are not there to take the delivery, you can rearrange the scheduled delivery contacting the chosen courier.

 6. Your rights

6.1 Product is faulty or differs from described. You have the legal right to get the product replaced or to be issued a refund. NOTE: Some products will be final sales as stated on the product page and cannot be cancelled and/or refunded.

6.2 If you want to cancel for the following reasons:

6.2.1 We have announced an update to the product that you do not agree can be cancelled. 

6.2.2 We have announced that there is significant delay in fulfilling the order because of events outside our control.

6.2.3 You have the right to cancel if we have done something wrong.

6.3 If you change your mind about the product. You have 30 days. Items cannot be returned if:

    • Any items which has been damaged or used in any way.
    • It has had its seal label cut and/or removed.
    • Any items missing any component part(s) when returned by you (unless the error was on our end).
    • Any product is marked as final sale.
    • In all other cases if we are not at fault you do not have the rights to change your mind.

7. Returns and refunds

7.1 Tell us why you want to return the item. Please contact us via email at info@agileshop.co. Provide your name, delivery and order number for us to quickly locate it.

7.2 When you will receive the refund. We will refund the price you paid for by the method selected during checkout. If you used a discount code, the amount will be reduced based on the discount code.

 8. Our rights to cancel your order

8.1 We may cancel your order anytime.

8.1.1 If you do not provide information that we asked needed for us to ship your product. eg. address for delivery.

8.1.2 You do not within a reasonable time as stated on product page allow us to ship you product.

 8.2 Refunds. If we cancel a order, you will be refunded any money you paid to us.

9. Pricing

9.1 The price of product before checkout is excluded from shipping and any sales tax. 

9.2 We may change pricing on our products. Some times prices may need to be adjusted. If you placed order before the price adjustment we will honor that price.

10. How we many use your personal information

10.1 We will only use your personal info as set out in our privacy policyhttps://agileshop.co/pages/privacy


Updated: June 11, 2022.